Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Hopefully, all life had to throw at me is in the past. It is great to have time to blog once again.

I am so looking forward to opening my little "vintage" shop. This year, unlike last year, we have had lots of rain. The flowers have put on a show. It is, as if they are trying to make up for lost time caused by our drought last year.

We are planning to make my little shop look like an old general store full of smalls that my "pickers" find all the way from Indiana, and across Texas. It is such a small space, I will have to really pack it full to have enough to make it interesting.

I plan on posting before and after pictures, I sure hope I will get loads of feedback.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Getting spring fever....

When the daffodils start blooming and the peach tree buds, spring fever takes hold. I know soon to follow will be the excitement of getting ready for our spring vintage barnhouse sale. This year, I had hopes that my daughters would take over the hard part and let me just kick back and enjoy. However, they have young families and are very busy this time of year, so looks as if it will be my "baby" once again. I try to think I am too tired to get 'er done, then I think of a 72 year old lady that brought an old town back to life. I can still see her in one of the old abandoned buildings,sitting on the steps and scrubbing pigeon poop from them, while she explained her dream for the old building and the practically abandoned town. I am not sure she lived to see it all come together, but I know she saw some of it. When I think of this, I know I can still get 'er done.

Just got to start by dragging everything out of storage and getting a plan going. We have had several inquiries about joining us. One lady that has inquired is what we refer to as the "cream of the crop". I am so excited that she will join us.

Now, if our Texas spring will continue, even though a little early this year, I will be able to start some projects. hope you will check back to see what we will have to offer at the barn sale.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barn Sale

Another successful barn sale . most of these girls have a "following". We send out invitations, and they show up. We almost sold out.

The girls who design the flowers, sweaters and jewelry, said that they underestimated and did not bring enough merchandise. As they were packing up, they were planning the next one.


I am exhausted. All I want to do is think Holidays and finish my decorating.
I sold almost every piece of my shabby chic pieces and small antiques, along with junk jewelry and old dishes.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I  am getting so excited! Our Vintage Barn House Sale is right on track for November 19th.
Renee's Rags to Riches will be here again with her new fall/winter line of upscaled fashions. She will be set up in the master bedroom of the barnhouse. She re-cycles a lot of denim with ties and doilies.

Her "carpet bag" purses and re-fashioned boots/shoes are always a hit. Shown is only a small sampling of her designs.

              So, mark your calendars
              and come by for the sale.

           November 19th
                      at  the
         Blackstone Ridge Barn House

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I may be OLD, but I am still very able.....
Just had to share with you, what I have accomplished this morning. I am so proud of myself. It is not quite 10 A.M., and I have put the first coat of top finish on the floor that I hand rubbed stain into yesterday. I have sanded a dresser and stained it. I can't wait to get my "fe-Male Cave" finished in the little back room. That little room started out as a big storage closet off the utility room, with no windows or door to the outside. It has slowly (and, I do mean slowly) evolved into what is going to be my favorite place to hang out and be creative. I plan to hang a cast iron, antique, baby bed headboard for the door. Have to get that to the welder for the hinge part. Hopefully, I will have pictures to share soon. It is only 10 ft.x12 ft., so taking pictures may be hard.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Here I am again

This summer, between the drought, 100+ temperatures, and wildfires, my work has almost come to a halt. Today, we are hearing of a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico that may bring us rain in a week or less, and the temperatures are pleasant. It appears the wildfires are being brought under control.

I have been working on shabbying my furniture pieces. My painter friend is so far ahead of me. He has the base coat on almost every piece.

Our plans for our first Vintage Marketplace, on November 19th, are well underway. What started out to be a small sale, has grown by leaps and bounds. We have added entertainment and an old time food vendor to the mix.

Now, if the wind will lay, so I can get some work done, we should have a wonderful sale. Starting in the next week or so, we plan to start posting some of the goodies we will be offering. The "junk jewelry and re-designed rags" are great.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Sale date change

We have changed our Old Homestead/Barn Sale date to November 19th. The main reason for the change is to dodge the HOT weather. I have so much to get finished before the sale and it is too hot to go outside. The other reason is that we decorate the old homestead for Christmas every year and feel it would lend a festive atmosphere to the shopping experience.

Hope you will all mark your calendars and plan to join us for the fun day.